The -80C freezer at the Buck warms up quickly, so its important to know where your stuff is. This is a resource for locating and updating the contents of this freezer. Verbal descriptions and images of the contents of each rack are below.

Empty rack

Empty rack for 96-well plates



Empty rack

Het Dip yeast collection 210-263, 270, 271

Homo Dip yeast collection D1-D68

MATa del set

MATalpha del set

Yeast strains from collaborators and future site of assorted yeast collections in 96-well plates

Empty rack

Old boxes from the following people:
Brian K, Xylena, Emily, Mitsu, Katie, Erica

Unlabeled boxes originating from TC freezer:
mouse tissues/lysates/

cDNA from Monique and others

KK, DH, LF, SK freezer strains 1-1411

KS freezer strains 1-173

KS, JO, BR freezer strains 174-1784

KS, BR freezer strains 1785 and up

Monique: various

Mostly Monique, also Dan’s lipids



Brett’s qPCR and Intermediate strains, KS qPCR, Monique’s qPCR

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