Glycerol from stock shelf SIGMA-ALDRICH G7893-2L

Before you make this solution, please ensure that we are completely out of it. It would be best to ask one of the yeast people before making it.

This is a protocol in order to make a 500 mL stock of 80% glycerol (w/v):

1. Obtain 100% glycerol from the chemical reagents shelf right next to Chris' bench.

2. Obtain a beaker that can hold at least 500 mL of liquid.

3. Tare the beaker and pour in 400 grams of 100% glycerol. (This number is derived by 80 grams to every 100 mL of water, making it 400 grams of glycerol)

4. Put a stir bar into the beaker and make sure that it is stirring well, since glycerol is a very viscous liquid.

5. Bring the volume of the solution up to 500 mL. (Again make sure that it is stirred very well)

6. Sterilize using vacuum filteration via a Stericup. Ask Christine, Bhumil, or Mark where they are located and how to do it if you have never done it before.
Glycerol 1
Glycerol 2
Glycerol 3