Our new equivalent of Biochemistry Stores is the Buck Stockroom, in the basement.  For access email Robb Guempel, and to view the inventory of the Stockroom check on the Buck Intranet; ask someone if you have any trouble but if yo;re connected to the wired internet in lab you should be able to type http://intranet to see it. 

Also, please add "this item is available in the Stockroom" to P/N listings for items inside of protocols, if you happen to know that they're available in the stockroom!  Thanks!

DEPRECATED.  THIS IS OLDER INFORMATION FROM SEATTLE.Biochemistry Stores is in the basement of HSB J-Wing, room J014. They have toothpicks, latex gloves, and lots of other stuff. They have a searchable inventory of everything they carry, available here.

You need your funding info to be able to sign for things in biocheoistry stores. You'll get a copy of the invoice, this goes in the "Biochemistry Stores" slot of the paperwork rack above Jenny's desk, in the front right corner just to your right as you enter J337.