We have access to a Bioscreen C Automated Growth Curve System, which automagically measures the growth curves in all wells of 2 100 well plates while shaking and incubating them. It can be used for anything you can grow in 150ul liquid cultures; we use it for yeast.

The Bioscreen is located across from the -80C freezer, to the left of the lab cart home. It's often signed up for as far as a week in advance, so plan accordingly. The sign up sheet is posted just in front of it and is changed every two weeks.

Before you start the bioscreen make sure that it is powered on (switch on rear right) and that the bulb is good (open hatch on rear left to check).  When you have completed your run, power off the bioscreen to conserve bulb life.  If you need to replace the bulb, they are on the table.  If you use the last one order more, see below for ordering info.  The plates are in a box under the table; again if you use them up order more.  The Viaflo Voyager adjustable multichannel pipette is also on the table and is already programmed for bioscreen use.

You need a password to log in to the computer that controls the Bioscreen; it is taped right to the sceen of the laptop. Once you log in, setup is simple: place your plates (up to 2 100-well honeycomb plates) into the bioscreen, there is a note on it reminding you which way they should face, and close the black internal lid over them. This lid is freely hinged at the rear, so make sure it's actually fastened when you close it. Then choose your length of time (often 2 days), shaking (high), temperature (30C), and number of wells to monitor (up to 200, it counts then exactly as they're numbered on the honeycomb plates) as well as what you want to save your file as. The results will be on the desktop and you can transfer them to a flash drive or email them to yourself when your run is complete.

The manufacturer's page for the Bioscreen is here. See image below for a template for laying out bioscreen plates, and you can download a sample Bioscreen Template .