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Culture tubes are the glass tubes with caps that we use to grow yeast and bacteria in liquid culture. They're autoclaved in racks. If there are no more on the rack on the shelf above your bench, you can get a new rack. When you're finished with them you wash them yourself in the sink and return them to be washed in the dishwasher and re-autoclaved, or you can autoclave them yourself in a pinch. Near the sink in Chris, Brett, and Scott's room is a metal mesh rack to return rinsed tubes to, and a plastic beaker typically labeled "Cap Bucket" that the caps go into.

N.B.: The caps for these tubes are plastic. If you flame the mouth of your tubes, do so only briefly- overheating the glass tubes can slowly melt the plastic flanges on the inside of the caps when you put the cap on, ruining them over time.

P/N: VWR = 47729-580 (for 580 of them)

P/N: FISHER = 14-961-31