We do not use the Foege Facility anymore (it's in Seattle!), but we do have a central plate pouring facility in the main Autoclave room, email Justin Winstead to orde plates or inquire if they can be made at the central facility.  If in doubt whether Justin makes a particular type of media for us you can email him or ask your mentor!  His turnaround time is about 24 hours.

DEPRECATED- This is in Seattle

The Foege Plate Pouring Facility is in the basement of Foege, on the G floor, room S-026. As you enter Foege coming from HSB, take the elevators to your right down to the G floor and the room is all the way at one end of the corridor- specifically, if you turn left as you exit the elevators on the G floor, it will be the last thing on your right. The lights are typically off, and the door to S-026 is very heavy and hard to open, so people often think it's locked / closed when it isn't. Don't be fooled - give it a solid tug before assuming it's locked.

For most of the commonly used types of yeast plates, there are plates (marked / labeled) in the 4C fridges along the left as you enter, and instructions posted on how to sign out the plates on the sign-out sheet. For larger orders or plates that aren't commonly kept stocked (e.g. worm plates), there is a stack of order sheets, next to a plexiglass/acrylic box for you to put completed sheets in, on the table.

If you order something and it sits for more than a couple of days they'll call; often they'll call as soon as it's ready. They won't email, and they won't call a non 206 area code, so be sure to put a 206 area code phone number you can be reached at on your order sheet, e.g. your lab phone.