Freezing yeast strains is done by taking growing cells from a YEP overnight culture (one toothpick of yeast and 3mL of YEP) from the 30C Shaker and mixing 990ul of them with 330ul of 80% Glycerol Stock in 1.5ml Screw Cap Tubes, vortexing briefly to mix thoroughly, and then freezing by putting them in the -80C Chest Freezer.

For my yeast strains (Mark), you name them MM###, and label them three times using 3/8" printable toughspots, which you can hand write on with fine point black sharpie.  Once on the top under the snap on niblet, once on the top over the sanp-on niblet, and once on the side of the tube.  Then add them to the dropbox MM-YEAST-STRAINS.xlsx file, and then import them into CORE.  Ask me if you need help with any of this.

For bacterial strains, the same basic protocol can be used, by starting with 990ul from an LB or LB + selection antibiotic (e.g. Amp) overnight culture plus 330ul 80% Glycerol Stock, except that with bacterial strains it's recommended to snap freeze in either Liquid Nitrogen or a Dry Ice ethanol bath before putting them in the -80C freezer.

GLYCEROL: P/N: Sigma, G7893-2L

1.5ml Screw Cap Tubes: P/N: SARSTEDT 72.692.100