FOR LABELING GELS, PLEASE SEE THE LABELING GELS ARTICLE. Follow the guidelines in this article for all gel labeling

Our gel camera is located on the 3rd floor in building 3 in the Greenberg lab (4-352). It is located by the other common equipment. Make sure you close the door all the way. Otherwise the imager will not work.

The manufacturer's manual is located here. Assume all working surfaces may have ethidium bromide on them, and wear nitrile gloves at all times when using the gel camera.

For the login and pwd for the computer please ask anyone in lab.  ALWAYS LOG OFF WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED! 

Save the scn file, and also export raw image as tiff and export displayed image as jpg file, and email yourself (and cc your mentor) all three of these before logging out!

Afterward, you will probably want to crop the image to just the gel itself, and auto-level it (in GIMP: Color>Levels>Auto>OK, then export as jpg or overwrite the old file.

Then you will want to label the lanes with what sample is in each lane, and label the relevant ladder bands.