If you need to get FTP files from the lab server at UW, probably to get the yeast strain databases, here is what you do. This is adapted / copied from a lab PowerPoint presentation on the same topic, and is specific to Windows.

1. Install WinSCP.

Go to .

Go to Downloads .

Click on “Installation package” Run the .exe file and keep clicking “Next” until the installation is done

2. Set up your login.

Run WinSCP At the first window, click “New” under “Stored Sessions”

You'll need to enter your host name, login name, and password, which you can get from someone in lab. If you're not sure who to ask, ask Soumya.

Click "Save" to save this info, and then click "Login" to log in.

3. Create your own directory. Under Files>Create Directory, or F7, and use your first name (and last initial if you need it) as the name of your folder.

4. If you want the yeast strain info files, they're currently in a folder named "YEAST FREEZER STRAINS"

5. General guidelines to using our lab server space.

Don’t upload huge files (>10MB) .

Don’t save anything in the public directory .

Don’t tell anyone the password.

Do keep your files updated for people to use .

Do label your files clearly.