If you need to get FTP files from the lab server at the Buck Institute, probably to get the yeast strain databases, here is what you do.

1. Install FileZilla. It is available for Windows (XP, VIsta, 7), Mac OS X, and Linux via download from the website, and is also available in the repos for most Linux distros, including Ubuntu.  It is also available throughninite for Windows.

Go to the FileZilla website.

Go to the client downloads page. If this link has changed or is broken, (1) keep in mind that you need the client, not the server, and (2) feel free to update the link.

Once you have downloaded FileZilla, double-click it (Windows or Mac) to install; you should just be able to press "Next" a few times and leave all installation settings at their defaults. If you have any trouble, the FileZilla installation documentation for all operating systems is here.

1a. IF YOU HAVE A MAC running OS X 10.4 or earlier and do not want to upgrade it to the latest version of OS X, FileZilla will not work for you- see alternative instructions here for Using FireFTP with Firefox to Access Our Buck Files.

2. Set up your login.

Run FileZilla. Go to File>SiteManager (upper left) or press Ctrl S.

In the Site Manager window, click the "New Site" button.

In the General tab, enter for the host, and 223 for the port. Leave the server type set to FTP-File Transfer Protocol, change the logon type to "Normal", and enter the username and password. Ask anyone in lab for the username and password if you don't have it.

Now click the "Connect" button and you should be all set.

3. Create your own directory. Right click anywhere in the panel that shows all of the files on the server and select "Create Directory", and use your first name (and last initial if you need it) as the name of your folder.

4. If you want the yeast strain info files, they're currently in a folder named "YEAST FREEZER STRAINS"

5. General guidelines to using our lab server space.

Don’t upload huge files (>10MB) .

Don’t save anything in the public directory .

Don’t tell anyone the password.

Do keep your files updated for people to use .

Do label your files clearly.