LB (originally, Lysogeny Broth, now often called Luria Broth or Luria Bertani) is a liquid medium for growing bacteria. Our LB stocks are on the stock shelves just across from Marc Ting's bench and Chong's bench, on the shelves above the Hyb Oven. If there is none left or you take the last or second to last, make more.

If you need to make your own, follow this protocol. Note that this is for a 3-L batch and can be adjusted:

1.) Grab a 4-liter flask from the drawer and add about 1.5 L of H2O

2.) Add a magnetic stir bar that is 1/3 the width of the flask's bottom and place on the magnetic stirrer/hot plate. Turn on the stirrer with no heat.

3.) Add the following reagents to the flask:

  • 30 g Bacto Tryptone (BD 211705) - located at the chemical shelf
  • 15 g Bacto Yeast Extract (BD 212750) - located at the chemical shelf
  • 15 g NaCl crystals (EMD SX0420-3) - located at the chemical shelf
  • 480 µl 50% NaOH solution - located at Mark's bench* note that these are very basic, so wear gloves
    • When Mark's stock runs out, this could be made by adding 50 grams of water to 50 grams of sodium hydroxide pellets (VWR 1310-73-2) to make 50% w/v NaOH solution.

4.) Bring the volume up to 3 liters with H2O

4.5.) OPTIONAL: You may be planning to aliquot this now to smaller bottles in order to autoclave in place. 500ml bottles are a great size; you should be sure the undissolved media is very well resuspended when pouring.

5.) Autoclave to sterilize.

If you need instructions on using the pH meter or the Autoclave please ask someone in the lab. In particular, the autoclave can be dangerous if used improperly and you should go over its use with someone in person before using it.