Measuring OD600 on the Nanodrop.

The Nanodrop is on the counter to the right of the color laser printer, labeled "NanoDrop 200c". It's connected to a silver Dell inspiron 630m Laptop.

1. Fire up the software if it isn't open- the icon on the desktop says Nanodrop 200.

2. Click the "Cell Cultures" button.


3. Decline to open any old workbooks, and click ok to the routine verification popup.

4. As instructed on the screen, load your blank (whatever the cells are suspended in, typically water) 1ml of it in a cuvette, and press the blank button. The empty cuvettes are in a styrofoam tray just above the nanodrop, some people will stick dirty ones back in there with the vague intention of reusing them some day which is kind of a bad idea of a place to store them, so watch for any nasty looking ones. p.s. do not ever do this yourself.

5. They have four sides but the two clearest, flushest, flattest sides align with the >- -> symbol on the top of the nanodrop. Insert a cuvette and press "Blank" on the software.

6. Then take your samples in 1ml, in a cuvette, insert each in turn and press "Measure". Note the OD600. aka "600 nm (Abs)" as displayed on the screen and write it in your lab notebook next to the sample info.

7. Clean up the area when you're done.