Our Nanodrop 2000c Spectrophotometer is on the counter to the right of the Color Laser Printer.

Cuvette Semi-Micro 1.5ML 500CS. VCAT: GD14955127

To use the ND-2000c in non cuvette mode, select the appropriate spectrum on the computer screen above it (SS DNA, DS DNA, etc), re-blank with 2ul ddH2O by pressing "re-blank", wipe off with Kimwipes, add 2ul sample, press green triangle button to measure, wipe off with Kimwipes, repeat for all samples. You'll have to write down your results so bring a pen and paper, as well as your own 10 ul tips and P20 Pipettor. Finish by making one last measurement using another 2ul sample of ddH2O so the next user is met by a nice low measurement, an not the leftovers of your last sample.

Finally, if you want to print out your nanodrop results, click File > Print Report in the upper left which prints out a spreasheet of all of your results; do NOT click the obvious "print" button which just makes a crappy screenshot.

The link to the manual is here.