Our PCR machines are in the printer room. They are in between the 55 degree oven and the wall. Remember that PCR 2 is set up first (next to the 55 degree oven) and PCR 1 is second (next to the wall). Pay attention to which you put your samples into when you start the PCR.

Also, please use the PCR sign up sheets when using the PCR machines. They are located right infront of each PCR machine. If you don't know how to program or run a particular model of machine please ask someone to help you.

The manufacturer's manuals for the Eppendorf Mastercycler Pro machines are downloadable here, and for the MJ research PTC-200 here.

N.B.: The Eppendorf PCR machines will not turn off when you open them and take your samples out! You have to find the cycler you were using on the menu screen (i.e., Cycler 1 or Cycler 2) and make sure you stop the program. Specifically, many programs have a 4C or 10C hold step at the end, and the machine will stay in that step unless you abort the program to end it, after you take your samples out.Edit