Our pH meter is next to the centrifuges, right before the chemical/ingredient bay. The instructions of use are taped to the bench. READ THIS.
  • Remember to wash and cap completely after use, or it will break.
  • See above and read it one more time.  People get real weird about wanting to have stern conversations with you about any perceived carelessness with the pH meter.  This is because the one we have is particularly fragile in its design, specifically in how you have to keep the electrode from drying out.  It's been broken before more than once by as yet unidentified culprits, and in addition to being a fragile design it is also unfortunately an expensive one.  Be positive you've gotten a good tutorial on using it, because if you work for me and I have to hear some more bullshit about the pH meter after you use it, you'll be walking the plank swabbie.

The link to the manual is here.