Ask Scott or Mark for the dropbox folder that has more yeast protocols, which is the temporary solution for sharing an even greater variety of yeast related protocols.

General Protocols

Worm Protocols

Yeast Protocols

6x Loading Buffer

96 Well Plate Worm Lifespans

Acquiring a YODA output file

Bacterial Transformations

BioRad RT reactions with iScript

Bioscreen C Automated Growth Curve System

Bleaching Worms for Eggs

C-Ura Plates

Chemotaxis Assay

Chunking Worms

Colony PCR

Dual Luciferase Assay

Electroporation of Bacteria


Freezing Worm Strains

Freezing Yeast Strains

Freezing Bacterial Strains

Getting FTP Files from UW Server

Getting FTP Files from Buck Server

GNA Sporulation

High Efficiency Yeast Transformation

High Efficiency Yeast Transformation 2.0

Key to pRS Yeast Vectors

KJH Protocols

Make rho0 strain(ethidium bromide technique)


Ordering Primers

PCR Deletion Verification from Smash N Grab DNA

Pouring Yeast Plates (YEPD)

Pouring Worm Plates (NGM)

Primer Design

qPCR Primer Design

Quantitative PCR

Quantitative PCR on the Roche LightCycler 480 at the Buck

Recipes for reagents formerly made by the student helper

Replica Plating

RiboPure Yeast Kit Instructions

Running a DNA Gel

SC Alternate Carbon Plates

Scoring Worm Lifespans

Seeding Worm Plates

Sequencing with Operon

Shipping via FedEx from Buck


Smash N Grab Yeast Genomic DNA Prep


Submit Lifespan

Tet-off Overexpression

Tetrad Dissection

Tetrad Scoring

Thawing Yeast Strains

Thawing Worm Strains

Transferring Worms

Worm Pumping Assay

Worm RNAi PCR Verification

Worm Thrashing Assay

Yeast Crosses

Yeast Spotting Assay

Yeast Transformation (episomal)

YEP Liquid