Eppendorf Combi-Tip Repeating Pipettors are used to repeatedly dispense identical small volumes from a larger reservoir volume, e.g. to dispense 100 10ul volumes from a 1000ul reservoir without refilling. We have both Eppendorf Repeater Plus mechanical repeating pipettors, and an Eppendorf Repeater Xstream electronic repeating pipettor.

PLEASE RETURN THIS Repeat Pipettor and any unused combi-tips to their home as soon as you're finished with them.

If you need additional tips, there are some on the shelves near Scott's bench; see pic.

The manufacturer's instruction manual for our Repeater Plus mechanical pipettors can be downloaded in pdf format here.

The Repeating Pipettor can be found on Monique's des
Repating Pippetor Map