How to ship stuff via FedEx from the Buck

Take the thing you’re sending along with the address of the recipient to the Purchasing department in the basement

FedEx usually picks up around 4pm, so make sure you ship what you need to before that. 

2. They have FedEx folders and shipping labels with the Buck as a Sender printed on them already

3. Fill out recipient address on the label and choose the shipping (Priority overnight if urgent, standard otherwise)

4. Select shipping container (envelope) and bill to the Sender

5. Write in the grant number just below the sender address to bill the shipping charges to a grant. For a list of our grant codes ask anyone in lab- this should also be a Google doc. When in doubt about a grant code or which of our Grant codes to use, Juniper is the best person to ask.

6. The people in Purchasing are eager to help if necessary

7. Make sure to make copies of the package bill if the people down in the Purchasing Department have not. Keep this in your lab notebook in case something comes up. Also, make sure to send a copy to Juniper through email so that she has it on record.