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Sporulation Media, SPM, is the liquid media you'll dilute growing diploid yeast into (1:10 from YEP+2% glucose) in order to induce them to sporulate.

If there's none on the shelf above your bench, you may be able to borrow SPM from a labmate. Otherwise make and autoclave some as follows:

SPM 3 g potassium acetate (e.g. Fisher P171-500)
0.2 g raffinose pentahydrate (e.g. Acros AC19567)
Mix in 1 L of RO-DI (milli-Q) water and autoclave

For our alternative sporulation protocol for hard-to-sporulate strains, you'll use SLSM, not SPM, for the liquid portion. We don't keep lab stocks of SLSM right now. If you need a small amount you may be able to borrow some from Dan. If you plan to use a lot of it, you sholuld make and autoclave your own. The entire alternative sporulation protocol, including the recipe for SLSM, is available as a pdf here.