Sorry, this is in Seattle. The new Nanodrop machine has a space for cuvettes and can now be used to gather data that was previously gathered by the UV-Vi Spectrometer.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Our UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (for measuring, e.g., OD of yeast cultures) is a Varian Cary 50 that belongs to the Merz lab, and is located in HSB J356. As noted on the posted signs, please always close the cover and turn off the vacuum source when you're done using this mahcine.

The manufacturer's product information page for the Varian Cary 50 is here.

1.To use the spectrophotometer, first find a cuvette for yourself. There is a styrofoam box of them to the right of the spectrophotometer. You may want to hold on to your own for as long as possible, so clean it out and take it to your bench when you're done (they're fairly expensive and there's no reason not to reuse them).

2. Fill your cuvette to about 3/4 full with dH2O after rinsing with dH2O, and zero the spectrophotometer by inserting the cuvette under the hood and clicking "Read" on the screen, then click "zero", then "read" again to make sure the machine zeroed like you wanted.

3. Turn on the vacuum to the left of the spectrophotometer and stick a P200 pipette tip on the aeration tip and suck all your dH2O out of the cuvette. the smaller tip is to allow you to get into the tiny corners of the cuvette to make your readings as accurate as possible.

4. Add 1mL of your first sample and place the cuvette under the hood and click "Read". Write down your reading and then suck out the sample as before. Repeat this for all samples.

5. When you've finished your last sample, rinse your cuvette with dH2O a couple times and take it to your bench with you. Turn off the vacuum source.