If you have a Mac running OS X 10.4 or earlier and do not want to upgrade it to the latest version of OS X, you can;t use FileZilla, but you can use the FireFTP plugin for Firefox.

1. Get the Firefox web browser here if you don't already have it. Install it.

2. get the FireFTP plugin here. Click "Download FireFTP", then "Allow" at the top of the page, then "Install Now".

3. Restart Firefox.

4. In Firefox, go to Tools>FireFTP. Now click "Create an account" in the upper left.

5. In the Main tab, enter Account Name: buck Host: , and the login and password you got from somone in the lab - email mark if you need it and no one around has it.

6. In the Connection tab, change the Port to 223 and click OK.

7. back in FireFtp, click Connect. You're good to go.

The general FireFTP documentation is at

refer to it first if any of this seems cloudy in any way!