YPD Plates

YPD Plates are the standard plates we use to grow a yeast strain without selection. YPD stands for yeast extract / peptone / dextrose, some of the ingredients in YPD plates.

YPD plates are in sleeves labeled with a piece of lab tape with "D" plus the date they were made written on it, on the shelf in the nanodrop area. Use the oldest first. Always keep the sleeves clothespinned shut when you are not using them. If there are no plates or you use the last plates, write "YPD Plates", your initials, and the date on the white board between Katie's and Juniper's bench. Justin checks this board and will make any plates listed.

If you need more sooner, first check with Justin to see if he has any drying. If not, you can make more yourself.

In our Yeast Plate Color Codes, YPD Plates are black. They'll have a single black Sharpie stripe down the side.

Just to re-emphasize if you missed the sneaky link on the word "ingredients" above: the recipe for YPD plates, including instructions for their preparation, is here. It's also included in the "Getting Started With Yeast" handout from the Getting Started section of the wiki. For liquid media, simply omit the agar.